There are 9 million Bangladeshi's living abroad

Do you have a loved one back home you worry about ?






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There is a subtle problem that many homes and families face in Bangladesh today . And it's more of an issue in homes which have family members living abroad .


The aging population of Bangladesh has been growing in the last decade .Better medical and health services have increased life expectancy.Bangladesh has advanced well in the medical field. But despite this positive aspect regarding elderly people many homes deal with a very typical problem which is commonly faced in any urbanized society.



Physical support and care by reliable helpers/caregivers for those who have aged beyond the years where they can live independent lives and those who are sick or disabled has become a very common issue here.

The lack of the availability of the typical maids who work at home is one of the main reasons.Today better job options, better economy and some other issues are contributing to the 'bua' problem '. And not to mention the fact that the they don't have the professional mentality and behavior necessary to deal  with the sick or the elderly who need their support in the absence of family members.  And as families become more nuclear there is less help available .These contributing factors will only increase with time

But those who live in the country are still able to give a good amount of support to their aging parents . But what about those who are far away ?  Many who live abroad worry about their loved being back home not having the reliable support and care that they need. These type of services are most critical for the large population living abroad









Being in a secured environment with people around whom they can depend on can ease the burden on both those who need the support and their family members who aren't able to stay close by .

The answer to all this can be found in old age homes / elderly homes or assisted living facilities as they are called in the western world,something that lacks in terms of standard and quality in Bangladesh



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