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A Cultural Dilemma


Unlike the western world, we Asians face a cultural dilemma when it comes to putting our loved ones in an elderly care home or an assisted living facility that supports the elderly or the disabled . Putting an aging parent in such a type of care facility implies the person's family members don't care enough for the person and considered him/her to be a burden. And this puts a lot of subtle social pressure on those involved



But things are changing. A lot of people now have adapted the western thought and is willing to take a more practical approach.To me the voice of just two people speaks volume !




Consistent quality is crucial


Talking about the importance of such services and the growing need for them in Bangladesh is one thing but quantity without quality is never going to work if these organizations truly want to be successful. In this case consistent quality means consistent reliability People who look for personal care and support or old age homes will want services that they can totally rely on. Without consistent quality and reliability such organizations will not gain peoples trust.


The behavioral qualities of those who deal on a day to day basis with their clients,whether it's a disabled boy at home or a elderly woman in an assisted home facility,is extremely crucial .That level of professional behavior can only be adapted by putting the caregivers involved through intense training .



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