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The lack of assisted living facilities / Elderly homes in Bangladesh


My primary motivation to develop this website was to talk about this issue. There is a shortage of old age / elderly home facilities in the country.  The ones that are available are not ideal for the middle and upper class.I have personally spoken to two women who claimed they would benefit greatly from being able to live in such a facility since both the aging women's children live abroad. They have both stressed on the lack of such facilities in the country . Many from the aging population would choose such a place for a number of reasons with the top onea being mental and physical security.

In most cases an aging man or a woman who lives by her/himself doesn't feel secured enough to stay home alone. Being around people like them would give them a sense of companionship , they wouldn't have to worry about paying their bills, and not to mention the burden and the dangers of staying alone.  Elderly Care Homes that could provide all the facilities would be an ideal place for many.


I heard the voice of just two women and I'm sure there are many more who would say the same thing,.Families living abroad would worry less knowing that their aging parents or other loved ones are living in a secured environment and being supported in their absence. Old age homes or assisted living facilities that can come with reliable service and support can makes lives better for aging people who live in fear because their children are away







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